Department of Mathematics

“Mathematics is the universal language of all sciences. The department of mathematics has created its 4-year undergraduate program in order to help our students grasp and apply this truly unequivocal language.”

In the department of mathematics, we offer classes such as “Set Theory”, “Abstract Algebra” and “Mathematical Analysis”, in which we teach our students the correct forms of questioning, reasoning and proof. Since mathematics is differentiated from other areas of science with its particular emphasis on proof, we concentrate on the teaching of proving methods in the first two years of our curriculum. Our students also take classes in Computer Science and Statistics to increase their knowledge in the fields of computer programming, banking and insurance. Our department consists of recently-hired, highly-talented mathematicians who will guide our students through their education at Yaşar University. Our graduates will have the necessary skills that will help them find employment with ease in the fields of computer technology, management, banking and insurance, or may choose to pursue a higher academic degree in mathematics.